Garima Bikas Bank Launches Garima Digi Batuwa; Omnichannel Access to Digital Banking For Garima Bikas Bank Customers


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गरिमा विकास बैंकले ल्यायो गरिमा डिजी बटुवा

गरिमा विकास बैंकले ल्यायो गरिमा डिजी बटुवा

Garima Bikas Bank has launched “Garima Digi Batuwa”, the upgraded version of the Garima Smart Mobile Banking App. Digi Batuwa allows customers to access their accounts from their phones as well as the website using the same credentials, providing seamless transitions between different devices, and letting the customers enjoy a complete digital banking experience.

The latest version of the digital banking application is developed by F1Soft Pvt. Ltd, Nepal’s leading FinTech company. Garima Digi Batuwa is based on the omnichannel approach to digital banking, allowing customers to use the same system to access banking services from their phones as well as a desktop web application with additional features such as easy money transfer, various bill payments (such as electricity bill, telephone bill, internet bill, traffic chit), Mobile Topup, Bank Statement, Check Statement Request, QR Payment, and many more.

“Digi Batuwa is the latest endeavor that Garima Bikas Bank is undertaking to ensure that our customers get the best possible experience”, said Govinda Prasad Dhakal, CEO of Garima Bikas Bank. “With digital banking becoming an unavoidable core feature that many customers look for, it is important for us to ensure customer needs are well taken care of.”

Garima Bikas Bank is a Class B Financial Institution licensed by NRB. Established in 2064 B.S., Garima Bikes Bank operates from 120 branches, 1 extension counter, and 50 ATMs nationwide. With the core vision of “Access to All”, Garima Bikas Bank is a leading development bank in the nation. Garima Digi Batuwa is available for download on the App Store and Play Store.

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