#Garima Bikas Bank

Garima Bikas Bank Launches Garima Digi Batuwa; Omnichannel Access to Digital Banking For Garima Bikas Bank Customers

गरिमा विकास बैंकले ल्यायो गरिमा डिजी बटुवा
Garima Bikas Bank has launched “Garima Digi Batuwa”, the upgraded version of the Garima Smart Mobile Banking App. Digi Batuwa allows customers to access their accounts from their phones as well as the website using the same credentials, providing seamless transitions between different devices, and letting the customers enjoy a complete digital banking experience. The latest version of the digital banking application is developed by F1Soft Pvt. Ltd, Nepal's leading FinTech company. Garima Digi Batuwa is based on the omnichannel… पुरा पढौ